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Summer School 2019 at MUJ

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MUJ offers several UG and PG programs for exchange students. At MUJ we offer several courses in five faculties i.e. Faculty of Arts and Law, Faculty of Design, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science and Faculty of Management and Commerce. Each faculty has multiple departments and in
total we have 29 departments. There are around 9000 students in MUJ. We have a world class faculty, who has a unique blend of industry and academic experience. The Management programme follows tri-semester system. A separate factsheet is shared for TAPMI School of Business, Manipal
University Jaipur. The detailed information is available at University website:


Application Form.pdf

Factsheet MUJ 2019-2020.pdf

MUJ Business School Factsheet 2019-2020.pdf

Summer School 2019 Brochure April Reduced.pdf


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